The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1: A Doorway into an Unknown World

the flower of veneration chapter 1

Here You Go: The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1

The period depicted is one in which monarchies predominated. The protagonist, Cecylia Saryan, loses her father (a Duke) and becomes embroiled in the political drama created by her own family.
Despite being an introduction, the first episode has the feeling of the calm before the storm. The waves of excitement build with each passing minute. There was so much going on in the manhwa that I had to pull out a notebook and jot down notes while I read it.
I’ve broken down my analysis of the first chapter into three sections so that people who still need to read it can still get the spirit of it.

Girl’s Reactions at a Young Age (Chapter 1, Part 1)

After the prologue of the chapter, The girl referred to as “Sophia” mulls over her initial reactions to her father’s eccentricity. Her father, who appeared to be unaffected by the opinions of others, did not listen to the crowd. His conduct, both in and out of the home, was not typical according to any standard.

The daughter was unhappy about her father’s behavior when she was a child. She felt uncomfortable as she watched him defy the expectations and norms that were imposed on the majority of people. Her father seemed to reside in a world of his own and was insulated from any scrutiny of other people.

The girl’s impression of her father, however, changed dramatically over time. Underneath his eccentric exterior, she began to see a magnificent core of character. The courage of her father’s convictions and his refusal to conform were models for her to follow.

Her gradual realization that her dad was being entirely himself was a tribute to his integrity. He always kept who he was to please others or fit in with the crowd. He had done something audacious and original by going his own way.

the flower of veneration chapter 1
the flower of veneration chapter 1

The Father’s Death, in the Chapter 1 Middle

The events leading up to her father’s death take up the bulk of one chapter. His death could have seemed routine at first glance, but behind the surface, something ominous lurked. The news that poison had claimed the life of her father shook her to her core.

She felt an uneasy sense as she watched her father’s peaceful face in his final minutes. There was something about his demise that she found unsettling. Her gut told her this was no ordinary death; instead, it was shrouded in mystery and malice.
She went to her relative for help because she couldn’t get rid of this nagging doubt. She asked, her voice shaking; what had caused her father’s death? Their answers were cautious, vague, and mysterious. The company assured the woman that tests were done and that they had discovered nothing different from the norm.

In spite of their rhetoric, their behavior spoke otherwise. They behaved in a completely different way in the light of their refusal to make eye contact as well as the apparent tension that was on the stage. Something spooky and disturbing was evidently kept from the public eye.

The Funeral Service: Part Four of Chapter One

As the first chapter comes to a close, the protagonist’s focus shifts to finalizing her father’s funeral plans. In the midst of this period of grief, the family of her deceased mother suggested doing funeral services at midnight. The idea remained in the air, giving an air of mystery and a sense of unease.

She took responsibility for all the necessary paperwork and formalities for the funeral since she was determined to make sure her father’s final trip was handled with the utmost care. She began the work of completing these vital documents with a sad heart, each signature serving as a bitter reminder of her father’s sudden death.

She was preoccupied with the funeral arrangements, but her mind kept returning to the unanswered questions about her father’s death. The woman was haunted by, “Why did he have to die?” and felt compelled to find the answer. She cried out to the heavens, wondering if a divine hand was responsible for her father’s death.

A voice broke through the storm of sadness and uncertainty that was raging in her mind. One of the cousins, Chris, spoke a severe warning that hit close to home: “Don’t say annoying things.” This direct response served as a sobering reminder that words matter significantly during times of grief and that not every inquiry can be answered right away. It prompted her to seek comfort in the companionship of her loved ones and their shared grief.

the flower of veneration chapter 1
the flower of veneration chapter 1


The plot of The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1 represents a substantial portion of the entire novel. The chapter’s ups and downs hold the reader’s interest, and the satisfying conclusion compels the reader to turn the page (or, in my case, click the “next” button).
This summary of The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1 was helpful in learning more about the tale and the characters. Cecylia has returned to her rightful place as Duke of the Saryan family, and you may read about her adventures as she does so in the following chapters.

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