How Topamax Ruined My Life: Side Effects that Could be Severe

Topamax Ruined My Life

What is Topamax?

Topiramate is a prescribed drug labeled Topamax to treat epileptic seizures of patients. In the treatment of bipolar disorder or to prevent migraine, It can be administered. Gamma-aminobutyric Acid (GABA) is an essential neurotransmitter in managing neuron activity throughout the brain. It increases within the body after using Topamax and reduces abnormal brain activity. Topamax should only be taken under the supervision of a qualified medical professional because of the potential for negative adverse effects.

How Topamax Ruined My Life

The effects that Topamax had on me were highly devastating. Here are a few ways that this medication destroyed my life:

Memory Changes and Cognitive Impairment

Topamax’s most prominent adverse side effects are mental impairment and memory loss. I had difficulty remembering what had happened and frequently forgot essential details regarding my life. This made it hard to perform everyday tasks. It was also frustrating and embarrassing.

Weight Loss

Although weight loss may seem like an excellent side effect, it was detrimental to my physical health. The weight loss was so significant that I was a little overweight and feeling tired and weak. I also had no appetite, which meant I didn’t get the nutrients I needed to remain healthy.

Depression and mood swings

Topamax has also had a significant influence on my overall mood. I began experiencing mood swings and depression that were uncharacteristic for me. I began to feel depressed and hopeless without a reason and could not find happiness in things that I was used to enjoying.

Relationships that are strained

The mental decline and mood swings brought on by Topamax have had a profound effect on the relationships I had. I had difficulty remembering crucial details about my family members and friends and was often withdrawn from social settings since I didn’t want to make myself look embarrassing. Also, I had a more tense temper than usual, which led to tension and an uneasy relationship with those I was concerned about.

Topamax Ruined My Life

Topamax and Liver Health

Topiramate can cause liver ( liver ) failure. Kidney stones are another known side effect of taking the drug Topamax. When the health risks are significant, stopping the medication could be recommended regardless of the discomfort associated with withdrawal. The drug’s effects on the underlying conditions, including seizures and migraines, may recur after withdrawal, especially in cases where the abrupt discontinuation of treatment is abrupt. The severe changes resulting from Topamax withdrawal can be prevented gradually and carefully monitored.

Topamax side effects

Like other drugs, Topamax could have mild or severe adverse effects. Below are a few lists of some of the more frequent adverse effects that oral topiramate tablets could result in. The lists below don’t cover every possible side effect.

Be aware that the side effects of Topamax are influenced by:

  • of your age
  • other health issues you are suffering from
  • other drugs you could be taking
  • Your pharmacist or doctor can provide you with more information on possible side effects that Topamax could cause. They may also recommend ways to reduce the risk of side effects.

Mild side effects  

Here’s a quick list of the mild side effects Topamax may cause. For more information on other moderate side effects, consult your pharmacist or doctor or review the prescription information for topiramate oral tablets.

The effects of the drug may differ among people suffering from seizures and those suffering from migraine headaches. Some of the mild side effects associated with Topamax which have been reported include:

How Topamax Functions?  

Topamax helps reduce the brain’s additional electrical impulses that could result in seizures. It helps make your brain less sensitive to the things that can trigger problematic headaches. It is a pill you swallow and will be prescribed by your doctor.

Topamax serves as a protective friend to your brain. Consider the brain as a massive network of small electrical connections. The connections can sometimes become excessively excited and start emitting an excessive number of electric impulses. Disorders like seizures or intense migraines can arise from these.

Topamax is activated at this point and says, “Hey there, let’s slow things down!” It accomplishes this by slowing the speed of electrical signals traveling throughout your brain. This reduces the chance of the jarring electrical impulses that could trigger seizures. This makes your brain less susceptible to the things that could cause excruciating headaches for migraine sufferers.

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