Requirement for Guest Posts

To write for us or get your article published, there are some requirements:

  1. Content ( maximum 1000 words ) relevant to the health niche.
  2. Content should be unique, catchy, and pledge-free.
  3. Use Headings ( H2, H3, H4 ) and proper sub-headings.
  4. Content should be non-promotional.
  5. Insert One Link ( do-follow ).
  6. Do internal linking with our existing related blogs.
  7. Send your content in MS Word or Google Doc format.
  8. At least send one pic relevant to your article.
  9. We will do external linking only with authorized websites.
  10. Your Website should be Spam Free.
  11. We have the right to edit your content before publishing without informing you.
  12. Content related to Sexual Health and CBD will be charged more than regular.
  13. We prefer payment through Binance.

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